Daisy Cottages Hub - Website Coming Soon



Do you have a learning and/or physical disability, and/or Autism and you want to enjoy your days with people like yourself?You could come to our day service Daisy Cottages Hub in Derby which is open Monday-Friday. This can be for one day a week or up to five days a week - the choice is yours!


We want you to have new experiences where you can gain new skills, no matter what your ability. All our activities are based around your needs, abilities, likes and dislikes.


If this is something that interests you, give us a call/text on 07305067093 or email us at daisycottageshub@hotmail.com and we can have a chat about our service at Daisy Cottages Hub.


There is never any pressure to sign up, you’re welcome to visit and take away an information pack, or it can be posted or emailed to you.